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We find a summary much more effective and less limiting than stating an objective. Include three to five lines that define you and your experience. Highlight your professional experience and specialization. Get your focus up front and at the top of the page -- this is the first information read! If appropriate, list in bullet form 2-3 accomplishments or highlights.


  • Seasoned Software Developer with a focus on client server system architecture design and GUI development.

  • Development experience crosses UNIX, NT and VMS platforms.

  • Full life cycle experience with exceptional skills in analysis and design.

  • Primary development in Java, C and C++ languages with most recent experience concentrated in Java.

  • Project Management and Team Leadership experience.

EDUCATION: In this day and age, making your education and professional training known can make a crucial difference. If you have greater than a 3.4 GPA, list it -- as well as honors achievements. List professional training courses in reverse chronological order. List your certifications here as well.
TECHNOLOGY: Spell it out. List strongest areas of technology first. Group your software, hardware, systems, and applications accordingly.
  • Most recent first! If you show multiple positions in your companies, make sure it doesn't appear as though each position is at a different company -- no one wants to hire a hopper! Be accomplishment/result oriented. Focus on achievements. Make sure that your resume shows what you accomplished -- but you need not explain every detail -- save that for the interview.

  • Titles should be functional. Avoid "Member of Technical Staff", or a title such as "Associate Engineer" when your work is really Technical Writer.

  • Bullet your experience by projects or areas of expertise and remember to insert the technology you worked with and include numbers: how many lines of code, how many users on your network, dollar value and number of people on projects you managed, etc.

  • Avoid words such as "responsible for" and "participated in". Describe your activities using action verbs, such as "programmed", "designed", "maintained", "managed", etc.
OTHER INFO: Professional affiliations, activities and associations, clearances if applicable. Pertinent activities. Willingness to travel (how much?). Willingness to relocate.